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Woman riding on a Carousel

Waking Up From Someone Else’s Dream to Live Your Own

Have you ever found yourself running in circles and going nowhere? Or riding on a carousel of what you thought were your dreams? You hold on with a big smile as you go around and ...

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Waking Up In 2015

Resolutions, Goals and Intentions - in 5 steps and with a list of helpful resources

Some time last year, a good friend of mine sat down with my partner/husband and me and complimented our courage in trusting God to 'pilot our ship.' I knew this was just a ...

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5 Gifts 5 Gifts to Give

5 Gifts to Give Along With the Sweater

So you got the sweater, the book or the gadget they really wanted. But you are missing something else... something 'special'... Because you know that the best part of gift giving is the emotion it ...

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