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When Love Finds Us

I remember the first time I heard Gershwin's beautiful jazz standard Someone to Watch Over Me. Its melody reflected my longing for someone to find me and love me and watch over me forever. It ...

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Tajci and Jeremy tasting a radish from a urban garden.

The Foodscapes of Our Future

"Take a break from your screens and come help me move some dirt," I say to my three boys. They oblige without fuss, each according to their age and personality. My 9-year-old excitedly runs outside, ...

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Star gazing opens our minds

Music, Literature and Expansion

My 12-year-old son installed a star-gazing app on our phones and arranged a 21st century star-gazing family experience. The night wasn't particularly clear and we were sitting in our backyard, which was polluted by the ...

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