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Turning upside down often allows us to see the world from a completely different perspective.

Forty Days to Shift Your Perspective

My kids were getting grumpy realizing that winter might pass without a snow day. Since they had handled our recent move to Franklin TN so well, I really hoped and prayed this little detail could ...

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"On Shoes and Comfort Zones"

On Shoes and Comfort Zones

Does ‘stepping into your own shoes’ ever feel scary to you?  It shouldn’t, right? Wearing your own shoes implies comfort. But usually ‘stepping into our own shoes’ implies claiming our space, maybe even stepping ...

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Woman riding on a Carousel

Waking Up From Someone Else’s Dream to Live Your Own

Have you ever found yourself running in circles and going nowhere? Or riding on a carousel of what you thought were your dreams? You hold on with a big smile as you go around and ...

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