Tajci [TY-chi] Cameron

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How One Little App is Making the World a Better Place

Being able to uplift and inspire someone is the best part of being a performer and a coach. Making a difference in someone’s life is why many artists, celebrities and public figures do what ...

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Our last trip with the Sprinter

End of an Era and a Beautiful New Beginning

  Yesterday, we sold the Sprinter (our touring van). Before the new owner drove it away, I called the kids to take one last look. Blais stretched out his arms in an attempt to 'hug' ...

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Dez Stephens - on Waking Up in America - life coaching

Life Coaching - Who Is It For?

I drove down a familiar road with my eyes watching the speedometer. I was late for my therapy session and completely distracted by my life's chaos -- juggling kids, a career change and a struggling ...

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