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Tim Worley with Pittsburgh Steelers

My First Interview With a NFL Running Back

It's not every day I get to meet football stars. As a matter of fact, I am one of "those people" who only watches the Super Bowl for the halftime show. I don't know much ...

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Olga Alexeeva on Waking Up in America

Finding Home and Art in Nashville (the Story of Russian Artist Olga Alexeeva)

"I was tired of feeling myself inadequate," Olga said to me in her charming Russian accent during our interview for Waking Up in America. There was no self-pity in her voice, only a matter-of-fact manner ...

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How can we be more present to our kids

What Do You Do With Small Pockets of Time?

During summer vacations, my kids and I go through their school papers and pull out pieces that I'll keep, like writing assignments and impressive math tests. The real gems are random pieces of paper on ...

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