Short Bio


Tajci (pronounced TIE-chi) became a pop superstar at the age of 19, when she represented her country of Croatia (then Yugoslavia) at the European Song Competition (Eurovision).

She had it all: platinum record sales, performances to sold out sporting arenas, endorsements by major corporations including Levi Strauss and the distribution and circulation of her very own “Tajci Doll”.

But only two years later, Tajci made the courageous decision to walk away from the glamour, fame and fortune, choosing instead a life of artistic freedom, unadulterated authenticity, and unfiltered creativity.

Tajci moved to New York where she graduated from American Musical and Dramatic Academy, performed at numerous venues – from off off Broadway theatres to Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden; in over 1,000 concert events throughout the US; and wrote a full length musical “My Perfectly Beautiful Life”.

Most recently, Tajci released an indie pop album AWAKEN and launched a weekly multi platform TV show “Waking Up in America”.

Happily married to her best friend and producer, Matthew Cameron, Tajci and her three sons reside in Nashville, Tennessee.