My Story

My earliest memory is singing into a microphone as my 22 year old father recorded my voice on a Grundig reel-to-reel recorder. I was two. I also remember the thrill of running down the aisle at Zagreb’s Music Hall when the performer invited a volunteer to come onstage and sing with him. I was four.

The thrill is always there whether I run or walk calmly onto stage to sing. Whether I am in a big arena or an intimate setting, the opportunity to tell a story and move others with my music is a precious gift to me.

The road has been filled with ups and downs, with times of personal confusion, identity crisis, loneliness, abuse, of running away and hiding. With bad times filled with fear of emptiness and good times in which I discovered my purpose, awoke to my faith, and found happiness and love in marriage and motherhood.

Through it all, music was my way to reach out, express myself, to pray and heal.

Throughout my journey, knowing there was someone out there who could hear my voice and my songs gave me a sense of being heard, accepted, understood and loved. And for that I thank YOU.

So here it is: my life, my career, my story…so far!

Musically, I might seem to be all over the place – with different music styles, different production levels, different genres. But please don’t try to define and fit me into any particular box. I am a singer/songwriter and passionate about my music, but it doesn’t define who I am. Music is my way of communicating my life and my story – to express myself and give voice to my soul. It’s my gift to YOU!

Thank you for visiting my website, thank you for listening to my music and adding your ‘views’ to my videos. But most of all, thank you for the opportunity to reach you with my music. Through music, I know that we are not alone.

Cincinnati, June 17, 2013

Short Bio

Tatiana Cameron – Tajči (Nashville, TN) is an award winning singer and performer, motivational speaker, host of TV show Waking Up in America, published author, HuffPost blogger, certified holistic life coach and a Rockstar mom of three sons.

Tajci’s passion for exploring the depths of human soul comes across all platforms – in her art, her performances and her online coaching courses.

Former Croatian superstar, Tajci left her fame in order to find a deeper meaning to life and moved to America at the age of 21. In New York, Tajci graduated from American Musical and Dramatic Academy, performed at numerous venues – from off off Broadway theatres to Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden; in over 1,000 concert events throughout the US; and wrote a full length musical “My Perfectly Beautiful Life”. Most recently, Tajci released an indie pop album AWAKEN and launched a TV show “Waking Up in America”.

In partnership with her husband Matthew, a fearless, all-American entrepreneur from Indiana, Tajci has been producing music, video and live events that create a powerful audio-visual, emotional and spiritual experiences. They live in Franklin, TN with their three sons Dante, Evan and Blais.

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