The “Tatiana” Years


Experiencing a personal crisis in 1997, Tajci moved to Los Angeles, where she stayed with the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart.

It was at this low point of her life, that Tajci wrote and composed the songs of her album

“Struggles and Graces,” her very first album as singer/songwriter. She recorded and produced the album herself through the generosity of a friend who lent her his studio in North Hollywood.

Empowered by her new found independence, Tajci soon found herself writing and producing a one-woman play with the same title (which was later filmed and broadcast on EWTN); then a concert with the Glenn Miller Big Band in Los Angeles; then a cabaret show (which she performed in New York’s Tattoo Club and numerous locations in Los Angeles); and she began touring with her new music.

Tajci also kept her acting career going through theatre and TV engagements; she appeared in “Brigadoon” at Starlight Theatre in San Diego, and “Phantom of the Opera” at San Gabriel Civic Theatre. In the fall of 1998, Tajci met her future husband Matthew Cameron and the two started to work together producing Tajci’s concerts.

Tajci and Matthew were married in December 1999 at St. Catherine’s Church in Zagreb, Croatia, and in May of 2000, the couple set out on their first cross-country tour of the United States.

Tajci gave birth to three sons: Dante (in 2000), Evan (2002) and Blais (2005). The family has continued to travel, produce concerts, albums, and DVDs. In 2004 Tajci and Matthew’s family moved to Cincinnati, OH. In October of 2013, they will have done 1,000 of the “I Do Believe” series concerts.

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1997 – “Struggles and Graces” CD

1998 – “Gifts From Above” – the Rosary Prayer CD

2000 – “Now and Forever” CD

2002 – “Emmanuel – The story of Christmas” CD

2003 – “Let it Be – Mary’s Story” Live CD

2004 – “I Thirst” CD

2004 – “I Thirst” DVD

2006 –  “A Chance to Dream” CD

2006 – “Christmas Concert Special” DVD

2008 – “Need a Break” CD

2010 – Let It Be – EWTN Broadcast Special (DVD)

2012 – “Merry Christmas” EP CD