After her father’s passing in 2006, Tajci went back to her nickname, which marked the beginning of a new phase in which she is once again a star whose radiance, optimism, joy, performing skills and her beautiful voice reach beyond religious or ethnic borders.

In 2007 Tajci worked with Ric Hordinski, David LaBruyere and Tony Miracle on “Songbook” – a collection of songs her father taught her. The album was never released, but the process catapulted Tajci to explore new sounds and themes.

“Need a Break” CD was released in 2008 and it features Tajci’s songs and reflections on motherhood. In 2010 Tajci filmed her first music video “God Bless America” and soon after that “Dell Aurora tu Sorgi Piu Bella”.

For the next few years, Tajci and her husband co-founded Clifton Performance Theatre, where Tajci produced shows and composed for children’s musicals such as “Alladin”, “Treasure Island” and “Christmas Carol”.

2011 marked the collaboration with her former professor from AMDA and Regis Philbin’s conductor Stanley Yerlow. The two performed a show of jazz standards in Hollywood Glamour Style in Carnegie Performing Arts Center in Covington, KY and Devonshire in West Palm Beach, FL.

The same year, Tajci wrote a full length musical “My Perfectly Beautiful Life” which was workshopped and then produced by Cincinnati Playwright Initiative at the Aronoff Center’s Jarson Kaplan theatre in February 2011.

Tajci went back to Croatia in the summer of 2011 and released a Yamaha produced remake single of her hit ballad “Dvije zvjezdice” (“Two Stars”). She performed at the Christmas Gala Concert conducted by Croatia’s renowned conductor Alan Bjelinski. In 2012 Tajci participated at the Krapina Music Event which features new and classic regional folk songs with a beautiful song “Crlena hiza” for which she also filmed a stunning music video.

“All Is Possible” single was released in November 2012 both in English and Croatian language. Music videos were filmed in Croatia by Danko Puttar. This was Tajci’s directorial debut.

Tajci and Matthew continued producing approximately 80 “I Do Believe” series concerts every year and in 2010 they filmed all three themed concerts for EWTN broadcast.