Teenage Years

Tajci with her Father's Band 1987

Tajci’s appearance at ZagrebFest 1987 with “Noc od kristala” (Vlado Delac) marked her debut on the pop music scene. She won the “Best New Singer” award and scored a third place by the audience vote.

This success opened up new opportunities for the young teenager. Within one year, Tajci appeared as guest star with “Hari Mata Hari,” a popular Bosnian band, and was part of a successful duet singing “Sedamnaest mi je godina” (“I am seventeen”).

In 1988 Tajci appeared as a soloist at the popular music event “Mesam” held in Belgrade, Serbia with the song “Poljubi me u svitanje” written by renowned Croatian composer Vili Caklec and arranged by the acclaimed Kreso Klemencic.

That same year, Tajci gained more visibility and success with her performances at ZagrebFest 1988 (“Kad se sa osamnaest sanja”), with Hari Mata Hari (“Pazi sto radis”) and with Slovenian newcomer Davor Bozic (top hat show, “Tonight I Celebrate My Love). She also started working with the young regional manager Edwin Softic who booked her in various clubs and events throughout Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovinia.

In 1988 Tajci was invited by Peter Tavoulareas to London to record four songs. The songs were produced by Clem Clemson and Martin Graham at the legendary “Olympic” and “Townhouse” studios. Tajci’s production team pitched the songs to a very interested Richard Branson who was ready to offer a recording contract.

Due to some legalities, Tajci returned to Croatia and approached a top producer Zrinko Tutic for a possible collaboration. Zrinko agreed to produce an album for the young teenager and signed her with “Jugoton” – the biggest record label in the region.

The album was recorded at “Rokoko” studio in Bosnjaci, a small village a few hours east of Zagreb. The owner of the studio was Zelimir Babogredac (now the president of Croatia Records). Music production and arrangements were entrusted to the young guitarist, Niksa Bratos. The album was to be released in the spring of 1990 with a title “Tajci”. The A1 single was “Hajde da beremo jagode” (“Let’s Go Pick Strawberries”) which was later re-written for the Yugoslavian Competition of the Eurovision Song Contest and would become the legendary hit “Hajde da ludujemo” (“Let’s Go Crazy”).