Waking Up Revolution

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After taking some time off to attend several branding courses, in February of 2014, Tajci and her husband/ producer Matthew Cameron created TV show “Waking Up in America.” At first, the show was intended to connect Tajci’s audiences – both in the US and in Europe – and provide inspiration on living an awakened and authentic life.

But soon after launching several TV stations asked to broadcast it – including the second largest Catholic TV Network. First season consisted of 44 episodes, almost half of them featuring interviews with people who have all made shifts in their lives.

In September of 2014, the Camerons moved to Franklin, TN (Nashville Metro Area) and started working with the young and up-and-coming Director of Photography Christopher Logen.

Second season of ‘Waking Up in America’ featured many high-profile guests such as former NFL running back Tim Worley, world champion ice-skater and fastest spinner on ice Lucinda Ruh, kickboxing champion Eric Melton, Glennon Doyle Melton, founder of an exploding online community Momastery.com, Violet Grgich, proprietor of distinguished Napa Valley winery Grgich Hills, and Becca Stevens, author and founder of Thistle Farms.

In February of 2015, Tajci began to blog on Huffington Post – an accomplishment she was especially proud of.

During that same time, Tajci launched a IndieGoGo campaign to support the efforts of “Portal Dobrote” in Croatia – to provide school lunches for hungry children whose parents couldn’t afford the lunches, but did not qualify for assistance. This campaign attracted the media and in addition to securing funds, enough awareness was raised so that the government stepped up and passed a budget to cover the lunches. This was an important project in Tajci’s career, as she spoke for the individuals who, without big money behind them were able to make a huge difference.

Following her long-term vision of building #wakingUPrevolution – a multi-platform brand to help people transform their professional and personal lives, Tajci trained at Radiant Health Institute and got certified as a holistic life coach in the fall of 2015.

She continued to perform with her music and made her Nashville Debut in September of 2015.

The year finished with Tajci MC-ing and guest staring in the Croatian Christmas Concert – which toured music halls in six major NE cities including Chicago, Toronto and New York – with Tamburiza orchestra from Croatia and three other popular Croatian singers. Tajci also sang Christmas duets with Waylon Payne and country star Clay Walker.

In the beginning of 2016, Tajci published her first book “Turning Points” (available on Amazon.com) and launched her first online course “Create Your Own Turning Point.”