I love performing this show! Not only the music is fun, but the theme of AWAKENING to one’s true self, and refusing to ‘fit into someone else’s script’ is something I want to celebrate and inspire.

Video Trailer

Here is the video trailer for AWAKEN performed with a trio. This show’s focus was awakening in a relationship/ marriage.

The Story Behind the Show

I wrote the songs for the “Awaken” CD over the past few years as I was going through the Awakening phase in my life. The Awakening which comes after Disillusionment. When the dreams we dreamt came true and left us wondering “what now?” or is “this all there is?” It’s the phase in which some of us leave our job, move to a new town, leave our marriage, switch careers, or pick up an addiction or a lover, in an attempt to avoid the disillusionment only to replace it with another one… It’s the phase in which some of us awaken to ourselves – face our deepest fears, hurts and pains; fall apart and uncover ourselves completely, with brutal honesty, healing in the process and emerging to our new ‘awakened’ life with new confidence, true identity, calmness and new purpose. We emerge with the new ability to love, to give and receive.
– October, 2013


“AWAKEN” is filled with great music and uplifting motivational narrations. It features songs from my album AWAKEN (Keep Your Head Up, Good Clean Fun, All Is Possible, etc) as well as some of the favorites that tie into the story of finding the courage to make the change within (like Need a Break, I Pray, Let It Be)

“Talk with Music” – Me and my keyboard
“Concert” –  with other musicians (like additional keyboard, bass, percussion)

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Music Samples

“All Is Possible” Music Video

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