Our last trip with the Sprinter

End of an Era and a Beautiful New Beginning



Yesterday, we sold the Sprinter (our touring van). Before the new owner drove it away, I called the kids to take one last look. Blais stretched out his arms in an attempt to ‘hug’ it and said: “So many memories!”

We watched it disappear slowly down our quiet street. Blais and I hugged, I cried, Evan stood silently, and Dante was already in his room upstairs. Matthew said: “I have to go now,” and went about his business. And that was it. The Sprinter gone. An End of an Era.

“So many memories,” I thought and recalled the laughter, togetherness, music, rainbows and open roads. I also thought of the hard times – tears so thick I couldn’t see the road ahead and anxiety so bad I had to stop to breathe.

I don’t like endings and goodbyes, but I was glad to let it all go. I watched it go feeling grateful – the Sprinter got us EXACTLY where we needed to be every time. And proverbially, it’s leaving us exactly at the spot where a new life’s chapter begins for us.

What’s Your “Sprinter” That Got You to Where You Are But Now You Have to Let Go Of?

I’m sure you have your own version of the “Sprinter.” Something that clearly marked an End of an Era for you. Perhaps it’s a job you decided to leave because it stopped being right for you. Or a habit that you decided to quit – that taught you lessons, including the one about letting go. Perhaps it’s loved one who helped you to be the person you are today, but you had to say goodbye to…

The old saying “if it ain’t broke why fix it” is only useful if ‘it’ doesn’t stifle your growth. When my tomato plants grow out of their cages, I don’t try to force them back down, I put in new sticks to support them with.

If you are, right now, struggling with a situation you KNOW is keeping you stuck, make a decision to let it go… See how far that situation has brought you, what it has taught you and then, with gratitude, faith and trust, let it go… Of course, you’ll have to put some work into moving forward and accepting the new life ahead of you. Because transitions are hard and often painful.

Remember that transitions bring growth, and growth always includes some pain.

The Sprinter is a thing that for me represents an Era which I couldn’t hold onto forever. But I know that I CAN step forward with courage, faith and trust that what I leave behind will open up space for something new.

For me, the ‘new’ still includes traveling and doing concerts – just not the way it was before.

Because sometimes you’ll wake up new and you’ll feel your old life doesn’t feel the same. And that’s ok. A butterfly doesn’t fit into its old cocoon either.

What can you let of today?

What CAN YOU DO TODAY to support someone else who is going through a life transition – without judgment or pushing your own advice?

With love,
Tatiana “Tajci” Cameron

Get Inspired

Robin Mizaur had to let go of her son Anthony when he was killed in a car accident. Watch “Packed with Love” episode with Robin to see what was crucial in her healing process and what helped her to transition into finding love and joy after the tragedy.


Share encouraging quote or a prayer with someone who you know is going through a transition. You can find many shareable quotes in my Facebook group “Waking Up Revolution”

Take Action

This online study “Create Your Own Turning Point” can help you with transitioning work… And if you’d like to learn more about coaching or you’d like to learn some tools to help others, let me know, and I’ll give you a special discount.

Butterfly doesn't fit into its old cocoon

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