Sign Me Up! … Now What?

Do you want to change the world?

Or at least be on the side of those who do?

Or do you instead join those who throw their hands up in the air saying: “It’s not possible!”

Doesn’t it seem it’s a simple ‘critical mass’ formula?

Something that makes perfect sense and isn’t that complicated to understand, if we are willing to acknowledge that we ARE all connected, and that we ARE all one human family (and, if you are a believer, that we all belong to one God, creator of heaven and earth, of all seen and unseen.)

If we focus on the collective “why” then we as humans can choose to make some serious differences in our world.

It’s easier to be a sceptic, to give up without even trying and to leave it up to someone else to do the job for us.

“Let the Mother Theresa’s of the world change the world!” we say.

Or: “Sign me up! Tell me what to do!”

But until we break the cycle of the “I’m powerless” self-talk and answer the call, the world will only continue in the path of more suffering, more tragedies, more destruction.

That means getting out of our comfort zones.

It means questioning, searching, and learning to let go.  It means climbing higher and steeper hills in order to gain new perspectives.

It means shifting our hearts, our souls and our minds and accepting that we are called to be the change, the ‘Mother Teresas’ of the world.

And it doesn’t mean standing on the side-lines, pointing fingers, or shifting blame.


Recently, parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia were devastated by a record-breaking flood.

When I first saw the images on the web, I felt awful – that area of the world has seen such suffering. Many of the people who lost everything had just finished rebuilding from the war in the 90s. The war took far too many lives, and the devastation of the corruption after it has been just as hard for the people.

I was afraid of what was going to happen. The Balkans have always been known for chaos and unrest.

But what happened was an amazing testimony of how people CAN change and transcend what usually holds them back from being truly loving, charitable and generous to each other.

I only watched it on Facebook, but I still hear amazing stories from those who were there in person.

At first, a few voices rose up – calling for help for everyone. Calling for people to put their differences aside and come to each other’s aid.

Like beacons, those voices attracted many others to join in the rescue efforts.

More and more were willing to leave their cynicism behind and, for a moment in time, believe in their power to make a difference.

And they did.

Tragedies tend to unite people in solidarity. The question is if we are willing to stay in that charitable, hopeful, and loving mindset even in times of peace and comfort.

One beautiful Facebook quote asked: Will we, like the flood waters that will eventually go back into the riverbeds, fall back into our old paths that have been carved for us by centuries – and continue to fight because of our differences?

Can we allow ourselves to be lifted up by the water of God’s grace and stay there? Or will we allow ourselves to fall back into our old angry, fearful, and judgmental ways?


My heart grows silent during holidays like Memorial Day. Every country has far too many graves of those who died protecting their own.

Each gravestone, each little flag next to it, every flower laid there, every poem written represents a

life lost.

Embraces, kisses, holding hands, celebrating birthdays – lost.

Can there be another answer to war?

There HAS to be.

And maybe it seems like it will take us a long time to find the answer, but I don’t think we have a long time left any more.


I believe the time is right now.

The answer is to start by making a change within our own hearts and start believing.

Stop the voices in our heads that tell us we are ‘dreamers’ or that it will never happen because there is too much bad stuff in the world, too many others who will not change.

Accept the call.

Commit to cleaning up our own failings and letting go of all that separates us from God, the Creator of all Life who is Love, Light and Life itself.

See that each human soul is created in the same way, that each human body breathes the same air.

Choose the side that believes we CAN change the world.

And see what happens.

Here is a challenge for you: talk to someone who is different from you, someone whose culture or set of beliefs you don’t understand. Talk to them about things you and they both struggle with. Try to see them for who they really are:  a beautiful soul who is simply trying their best to make sense out of our broken, divided, and corrupt world.

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