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Waking Up In America

Waking Up In America

On overcoming adversity, following your dream and seeking the values and opportunities of the true American spirit. Talk with Music.

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“From the moment she took the stage, the entire room was captivated. 250 women and girls were silent, hanging on every word and every note. As Tajci wove a web of humor, vulnerability, and reverence in song and speech, for those listening, she became a daughter, a mother, a friend.”
– Megan Silas, MD, College Station, TX

What if you could truly live your dream?

Seeking to meet the expectations of those we love and respect, many of us tuck away our dreams and aspirations, only to conform and then live a life deemed ‘good’ by those around us. Living their dream and their vision, rather than your own, you deny the deepest desires of your heart and fail to contribute to the world through your uniqueness and your purpose.

Growing up in the communist system and as a teenage superstar in the European music industry, I lived the dreams of others. As a 21 year old immigrant, freshly arrived in New York and America and knowing no English, I soon got ‘stuck’ in the consensus consumer vision of the “American Dream”. I knew there had to be something more if I could only find and embrace the true American Dream.

After 13 years of touring America, performing more than 1,000 concerts, raising a family on the road and almost losing my marriage, I learned the secrets to achieving the freedom and courage that it takes to awaken from someone else’s dream and to begin living one’s own.

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Tajci will be performing “Waking Up In America” at TEDx Cincinnati at Memorial Hall, on October 16th, 2014


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I love performing this show! Not only the music is fun, but the theme of AWAKENING to one’s true self, and refusing to ‘fit into someone else’s script’ is something I want to celebrate and inspire.

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American Songbook

The music from American Songbook, especially in the Big Band style is something that makes me smile big. Whether performing with a large orchestra or a trio, I like to take the audience into the world

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A Christmas Concert Experience

The story of longing to believe, of waiting for the miracle of Christmas to happen in one’s own heart. I get to perform this show with an impressive cast of musicians and Cameron boys as special guest stars.

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