Tajci and Blais Cameron - #TalkToMe


“How did you know that tata (‘dad’ in Croatian) was the right guy for you?” my 10 year old son Blais asks. “How did you know something was right for you?”

He wants to know how I knew to follow my passion, so he too can choose a path and feel the sense of joy that he feels now when he does things he loves to do.

We often have meaningful conversations in our family, as often as we talk about stuff like historic and fictional battles from various books, or famous movie quotes.

I have three sons (and a husband) who have been listening to my stories and thoughts about love, music, emotions and spirituality since they were infants in my arms. They are comfortable and willing to talk about feelings and about complicated ‘soul’ stuff…

Those are some of the most powerful bonding times in our family (and usually they happen around our kitchen table over delicious homemade meals.)

So, when the Huffington Post invited me to be a part of their project #TalkToMe, which is meant to trigger meaningful conversations between parents and children, I didn’t have to prepare at all. To me, connecting with my children through open, honest and courageous conversations is one of the things I’m grateful for most in my life.

Blais and I rolled the built-in camera on my computer, and he began to ask me the five questions that were closest to his heart.