in 2012 Tajci began to record an all-original indie pop album with New York City based producer Dragan “Chach” Cacinovic.

This album marked Tajci’s come back to main stream music as a singer/ songwriter and an accomplished independent artist. Determined to share more than her pretty voice, Tajci wrote songs that are bold observations of social pretense in relationships, the struggle to live an authentic life, and the courage to continue the search for Love.

The album, which featured many great industry players was recorded over almost two years at The Quad studios, NYC (with “Chach”), DJB Studios, West Hills, CA (with Denny Bouchard), The Bamboo Room, Cincinnati, OH (with Erwin Musper), and B-B-Bryan Entertainment, Franklin, TN (with Bryan Lennox)

At the same time as the album was released, Tajci produced a special 1,000th “I do Believe” Concert in Cincinnati, OH. Many fans flew in from all over the United States. With that, Tajci wrapped up a season of touring with children and began to focus on a new career direction.