Keep Your Head Up (Official Music Video)

When I got the first edit of this beautiful video by DP Danko Puttar and Director/ Editor Will Benson, I saw the girl (me) who finally showed up here: the one who loves to twirl and dream big and not be afraid to live!

Yes! I am AWAKEN and I can twirl on top of some pretty cool ancient walls and sing to tear the walls down! (proverbial walls, of course, otherwise I don’t think the City of Dubrovnik would have let me do this)

For me, this video represents a personal success and victory – seriously, through it I overcame some pretty big challenges (more about it in the “Behind the Scenes” video coming up soon) AND I had a chance to work with a great team of incredibly talented and awesome people!

Now it’s out in the world for others to take its joy and its message – and don’t worry… by taking from it, you will only add to its impact 🙂

With love,

ALL of these people are inspiring individuals, and together they make an AMAZING team! With much, much, much gratitude I’m listing their names:

Will Benson, director/ editor (WIRE BALL Productions)
Danko Puttar, director of photography
Ivana Puttar, assistant
Ivan Friscic, stylist
Dijana Mlinar, make up artist
Zvonimir Franic, hair stylist

Kresimir Koletic, locations coordinator
Mario Raic (Nautika, d.o.o. Dubrovnik), Zvonimira Orasar (Novi Spa, Novi Vinodolski), Margita Vrankulj (Ilirija Hoteli, Biograd na moru)

Robert Mihovilic & Zvona Starine

and those who are not in this edit, but added tremendously to creating a positive experience for all:
Ana Vukas, extras casting
Srdjan Gjivoje, musician
Petar Buljan, musician

Couples (actors):
Igor Turcek & Elizabeta Mikulic
Velimir Jurkovic & Ana Marija Bekavac
Lujo Jurisic & Viktoria Miletic

Matthew Cameron, producer

Song credits:
Music and Lyrics: Scott Mulvahill (BMI) and Tajci (BMI)
Croatian Lyrics: Antonija Sola
Musicians: Scott Mulvahill, Justin Moses, Cody Kilby (all from Ricky Skaggs Band); Ken Lewis (Civil Wars)
Arrangement and Tracking: Bryan Lennox (Grammy Awarded Producer)
Recorded in Franklin, TN
Mixed by Dragan Chachinovic Chach (JayZ, Chris Brown) in NYC

Shot on locations in Dubrovnik and Novi Vinodolski, Croatia.

Released October 1, 2013 on AWAKEN CD