New Book – And a Very Unique Graduation Present :)

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“George is a mother’s surprise gift to her first son upon his graduation from high school.

The mom is Tatiana “Tajci” Cameron, a renowned music artist, author, and life coach—and former pop superstar in her home country of Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia). The son is Dante X. Cameron, a 2018 graduate of Franklin High School in Tennessee. He’s about to leave home and take his award-winning creative talents to Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.

This book isn’t just a recently widowed mother’s present to her son (the oldest of three brothers)—it is a collaboration between Tajci and Dante. When Dante was 5 years old, Tajci composed this musical story about a boy named George who devotedly plays with and sings about his cherished toys—a fish, a train, and a dinosaur.

Tajci’s inspiration for the book is the colorful art depicting George, his toys, and his bedroom, all of which was drawn by Dante as a little boy years ago (and carefully saved all this time by his mom). Now, these authentic illustrations bring George and his treasured toys to life in this heartwarming tale that depicts not only a little boy’s limitless world of imagination but a mother’s unbounded love for her son.” – Mike Towle, Editor/ Writer WinWin Words

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