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California Tour


This post in Croatian.
For great photos of our trip, check out Matthew’s blog: MatthewTmblwdCameron.blogspot.com

What a whirlwind of a tour: moving fast through the beautiful state of California, trying to see as much as possible, hanging out with dear friends and family, performing new music at events each unique and different from each other.

The fact that we travel as a family and are in no rush to get back home, allows us to experience more than the stars who travel in private jets and only get to see airports, hotels and dressing rooms of their concert venues. We get to see towns, rivers and streams, eat at local diners, stay with people and get to make new friends. 
Here are some of the highlights:
We will always remember the week in San Diego – with great concerts, great people and great food (plus the kids loved the SeaWorld!)
Medjugorje Peace Conference – it was great seeing fra Svetozar Kraljevic and fra Jozo Grbes – the wonderful franciscian friars who always leave a deep impact on my soul. In his talk, fra Sveto said we must pray like pilgrims – willing to leave our life behind and opening ourselves up to an adventure. A faith adventure that brings miracles, healings, conversions of heart… Our every prayer needs to be like a pilgrim’s prayer, not just repeating of the words we memorized, or cluttering it with our own ‘order’ list.
One of my favorite moments on this tour was quite unexpected: my friend Susan Clark was hosting a rosary breakfast with a group of moms from her kids’ school. She asked me to sing, and I gladly accepted. I sang a’cappella, so the songs had the poignant power of a chant.  Every woman in the room was engaged and present to each other. It was so powerful we were all moved, experiencing a deep healing power of prayer. 
Our concert in Los Angeles, to which my niece Nora came with her boyfriend… I was so happy to see them both being such mature and responsible teenagers. The boys spent some time with her at the folk dance rehearsal at St. Anthony’s Croatian Church downtown LA, and I got to enjoy my sister for a few days.
Brian Kravec, the columnist for CatholicMom.com wrote about our concert “Love Lives On” in Merced: “Shimmering candles gently pierced the darkness. The lights of prayer and praise reflected the soul and illuminated a love that never dies but lives on eternally in the Heart of God. Once again, Tajci has bridged a divide between heaven and earth, this time, between the souls of those whose mortal journey continues and those joy-filled souls who have gone before us.”
I cried as I sang “You Raise Me Up” – the candles raising up before me as people stood up in prayer, remembering the loved ones.
Before this concert, I got to sing for Gery, a beautiful lady in her 80s at her home… She put me on her list of things she wanted to do before she passed away. She was radiating with joy and peace… She kept thanking me, but I kept telling her I was the one who received the gift and was eternally grateful for it.
Then there was a week before we released the song “All Is Possible” in Croatia… It was extremely hard to do this from the road – because Croatia is nine hours ahead, I’d stay up super late to communicate with Croatia and had to get up super early to catch them before they were off work. But it was exciting to film the release message at the Studio City Sound recording studio (and see my friend Tom Weir) and once the song was released, all the inspiring messages I received from Croatia renewed my strength. 
In the Bay Area, we did a few great fundraising concerts (we collected funds for pregnancy outreach centers)… and I got to pop in for a Sunday Mass at the Croatian parish in San Jose and see some of my friends. 
We finished our tour in tiny towns of Alturas, Burney and Redding… Small concerts that remind us why we do what we do – not for recognition, fame or fortune, but to make a difference – even if it’s as small as a flutter of butterflies’ wings.
Our boys saw so much and so many different natural wonders: from Grand Canyon, to Sequoias, the El Capitan in Yosemite Nat’l Park, beautiful beaches of La Jolla, Malibu and Carmel, the tide pools, the wild life refuge, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood… so much that it’s hard to remember all of it. 
Sometimes I do get tired of the long distances we travel, suitcases we pack and unpack hundreds of times, my lap top that always seems to wait for me with more work… but I try to do it all as a pilgrim – leaving the complaining behind and opening my heart to an adventure of faith: ready for miracles big and small, those recognizable and those that reveal itself slowly as we journey on.
And of course, this tour (like the other tours) would not happen without the fantastic support and hard work of our entire team: Maya Brlecic (PR and Office Manager), Jennifer Bitler (Graphic Design), Dena Moulton (Administrative Support), Lauren Spavelko (Kids’ Teacher), Denny Bouchard (Musician) and of course my dearest and best, the man behind it all: Matthew Cameron!
Big hug to all!



I love performing this show! Not only the music is fun, but the theme of AWAKENING to one’s true self, and refusing to ‘fit into someone else’s script’ is something I want to celebrate and inspire.


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